The Canadian Pharmacist Benefits Association (CPBA) is managed and operated for the sole benefit of pharmacists belonging to our provincial member associations, and works to provide you with comprehensive and cost-effective Professional Liability Insurance Coverage.

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Well Planned, Well Prepared!

Think about it – bad things happen, even to good pharmacists. That's why you want to protect yourself, and we can help. We have developed a professional liability insurance policy that has been well planned, so you are well prepared.

We are the Canadian Pharmacists Benefits Association (CPBA):

We are managed and operated for the sole benefit of provincial member associations, and we work to provide you with the best Professional Liability Insurance Coverage available

All of our constituents may benefit from the CPBA-sponsored policy through their membership in their provincial advocacy association.

One of our major goals is to provide education on the importance of insurance to your practice and the value of different types of insurance.

The world of insurance can be difficult to understand – for this reason, we have developed a policy that meets the particular needs of pharmacists. Our policy includes:

More information about the CPBA Professional Liability Insurance policy can be found here

Our member associations are the Alberta Pharmacists' Association (RxA), the Pharmacists Manitoba, the Prince Edward Island Pharmacists Association (PEIPA) and the Pharmacists Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL). If you live in one of these provinces and are not a member of its association, you can visit their websites by clicking on the appropriate logo below and inquire about the benefits of membership.

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